Childcare East Hanover, NJ

Our childcare operates under an “open door policy”. Parents are welcome to visit at any time and in any location where their child will be receiving care. Parents are asked, however, to respect nap times so that children are not disturbed. Parents who would like to take an active part in their child’s care are more than welcome to do so. Whether it is chaperoning on field trips or offering suggestions for crafts, snacks, reading, math, science, or whatever, your input is invaluable. It also shows your child you want to be part of their childcare world not just drop them off and pick them up.
Parents or a Guardian must accompany their child upon arrival.
Your child will only be released from the center to those persons listed on your Registration Form. If someone other than designated persons will be picking up your child, the Center must receive advance notice or your child WILL NOT be released. Notification will consist of the person’s full name, address, telephone number, relationship to the child and other pertinent information that will help identify the person. Once notified that another designated person will be picking up your child, picture ID and other proof of identification from that person will be required BEFORE releasing your child. This is a security measure for all involved. Parents will be notified immediately if someone not on the list comes to pick up their child. Please take the time to discuss any custody issues relating to your child. 

All of our facilities are nuts-free zones. Please respect various allergies and not send in food to school with your child if it contains known allergens. A list of children with allergies is posted in each classroom, so if you wish to bring in snacks for the class, consult your child’s teacher first. 

Finally, please be sure to put your child’s name on all of his or her items (such as clothing, toys, etc.) so we could easily locate them if they become lost.