Pre-K East Hanover, NJ

Ages 3.5 – 5. This is the last year before kindergarten, and we make a promise of having your child well prepared for Kindergarten. Our teachers are certified as well as experienced, energetic, always learning and implementing both conventional and modern approaches to Early Childhood education. We take a great pride in providing a well-rounded program that develops children both intellectually and emotionally.

Our students graduate being well prepared for school not just in the academic’s area but also gain self-help skills, confidence, independence and social skills. They know how to take turns, share, ask an adult for help, use their words to express their feelings, make friends, ask questions to find out more, and have good manners. In fact, we emphasize the social skills and emotional readiness in our curriculum. Daily actives include Circle Time, English, Math, story time, dramatic play, art, sports and outside time. We also introduce gardening and environmental consciousness. Our PreK classroom is equipped with smartboards and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) materials. Our students participate in semiannual shows for parents were you the parent will experience your child’s progress firsthand. Graduating students will have a graduation parade where parents and relative are welcome.