Who We Are

New Generation Learning Center  is a daycare as well as a preschool that also offers before and an after school program. We serve children from 6 weeks-5 years old and 5-12 years old for before and aftercare. At New Generation Learning Center  we take a holistic approach to child development. How incredible would it be if for your child to taste the cucumber that they grew all by themselves?

We pride ourselves in being a green daycare, which means we strive to create a sustainable center that is Eco-friendly. Not only do we reduce the amount of waste by reducing disposables and recycling, we also compost and teach the children how to garden. With the help of our staff and our year-round gardening program- your kids will get the “green-thumb”!

New Generation is a center where cultural differences are celebrated, accepted and respected. We feel that each child should be proud of who they are, and have ethnic pride. With our help, your child will not only get the outstanding academic achievement, but gain independence and confidence, achieve emotional intelligence and develop social skills. Our goal is to embrace the individuality of each child and guide them in their development, not mold them into one conformed structure as everyone else.

Our curriculum follows the New Jersey Standards and Guideline for Early Childhood Education. We understand that every child learns differently. Children go at their own pace, some are visual learners some are auditory learners, therefor, New Generation strives for a learning environment which adapts to the needs of the individual child and incorporates different teaching techniques.